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Comment gagner civilization 2

comment gagner civilization 2

But not if theres an aegis Cruiser present (and youre playing a version after.07).
Theres nothing quite so unpleasant as being attacked by another civilisation only to casino de bordeaux salle de spectacle have all your cities lose their walls because some SOB discovers metallurgy!
The Ai cheats by buying Wows a little at a time each turn, and they seem to be able to generate more cash than the human player can.Atherholt, Frank Vivirito, Katharine Seman, Michael.To distribute this work, or copies made under the provisions above, so long as (a) this is the original work and not a derivative form; (b) you do not charge a fee for copying or for distribution; (c) you ensure that the distributed form includes.I think I have found a strategy that helps limit those pesky Partisans.(RDClark) I agree that Fundamentalism is too powerful.This copyright notice shall be governed by international copyright law.With fighter I send them to the square they will occupy then press W to have them wait.Then reset the tax/science rate, build aquaducts and temples, etc, and then have another celebration and boost your cities to size.The Great Library is a good wonder to build early.Look to build science wonders and improvements in this city to maximise scientific research.
I had a bunch of cities, ranging up to size 14 (captured from the Babylonians and I immediately had problems with famines.
If your opponents have this then you can probably forget about a quick military victory.
Nor is the Unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ meant to be competition to the Official Guide.
Edward Kenworthy claims NO responsibility regarding any illegal activity concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ.
Despotism is just too inefficient for you to get far with.Another effect of being upgraded by Leonardos Workshop is that any veteran units lose their veteran status even if theyre in the city with a barracks.2-10-6: Despotism Better than Anarchy!Conversley if you have it then youre unlikely to be knocked out before you finish building your spaceship.Unless of course your a Fundamentalist regime and everyone expects the worst from you anyway (Didnt stop the Yanks bombing Libyan civilian centres though did it?7-11* Global Warning Global warming can be a killer.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you get wining strategies at the higher level but also some good food for thoughts in order to enjoy even more what we believe is the best game ever designed.If you have any new tips, comments or questions please email them.chapter11: Bugs, updates, future games - 11-1 The wishlist blank 11-2 Questions regarding Civ2 present and future blank *11-3* Update patches The current patch is version.11, available from the civ2 home page.

Alternatively, concentrate on defending your territory whilst knocking you closest competitors and aim to win by building the spaceship.

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