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Stick and poke vs hand poke

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To keep or remain steadily or unremittingly, as to a task, undertaking, or the like: to stick to a job until it is finished.A relatively long and slender piece of wood.Transitive sense of "to fasten (something) in place" is attested from late 13c.Related content, related words fastened, fast, cemented, lost, grounded, dumbfounded, confounded, puzzled, baffled, perplexed, frozen, caught, joined, stumped, adhered, fixed, mired, stymied, nearby words stubbs, william, stubby, stuc, stucco, stuccowork, stuck for, be, stuck on, be, stuck with, stuck-up, stuckism Idioms stuck on, Informal.Origin of stick 2 before 900; Middle English stiken, Old English stician to pierce, thrust; akin to German stechen to sting, Latin -stg- in instgre (see instigate Greek stízein (see stigma ) synonyms FOR stick.Distinguish, Etiquette, Extinct, Instigate, Instinct, Prestige, Stake, Steak, Stick,., Stigma, Stimulate, Sting, Stitch in sewing, Style for or in writing.URL browser ) Problems todo inflected word support (German) support http post other foreign language support (Japanese, French).Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with stick stick In addition to the idioms beginning with stick stick around stick at stick by stick in one's craw stick it stick it to someone stick one's neck out stick out stick to stick."The advantage will be on our side if we stick to its essentials." -Addison."I am satisfied to trifle away my time, rather than let it stick." -Pope.To fasten, attach, or cause to remain, by thrusting in; hence, also, to adorn or deck with things fastened on as by piercing; as, to stick a pin on the sleeve.
1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Word Origin and History for stick stick.
any one of various species of wingless orthopterous insects of the family Phasmidae, which have a long round body, resembling a stick in form and color, and long legs, which are often held rigidly in such positions as to make them resemble small twigs.
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"If the matter be knotty, the mind must stop and buckle to it, and stick upon it with labor and thought." -Locke.
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To fix on a pointed instrument; casino paradis to impale; as, to stick an apple on a fork.
Old English sticca "rod, twig, spoon from Proto-Germanic *stikkon- "pierce, prick" (cf.To impose upon; to compel to pay; sometimes, to cheat.To stick upon, to dwell upon; not to forsake.And stuck within the last.(a) To adhere closely to; to be firm in supporting.Some of the Asiatic species are more than a foot long.Louis Rams Enter the Ferguson Fray Sally KohnDecember 1, 2014 daily beast "I'd get thrown out on my bean if I ever stuck my nose in the kitchen door Murk said.To be at a standstill, as from difficulties: I'm stuck on this problem.To be thrust or placed so as to extend, project, or protrude (usually followed by through, from, out, up, etc.).Stick-ball is attested from 1824.To set; to fix in; as, to stick card teeth.I Watched a Casino Kill Itself: The Awful Last Nights of Atlantic Citys Taj Mahal Olivia NuzziDecember 8, 2014 daily beast Are we all so stuck in our roles that when a given issue comes up, we just default to type?

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